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Rest, Recover and Return Faster Than Ever Before!

Welcome To Pivot Tape

About Us

We were established in early 2019 as a Young Enterprise Scheme business. We have invented a sports strapping tape that turns ice cold on contact with water. Our product combines the support of strapping tape and the cooling of an ice pack, allowing the user to recover faster than ever before while avoiding the immobility caused by using a traditional ice pack. The Pivot tape has a wide range of applications from icing small broken bones or joints to helping with arthritis to getting top level sports athletes back on the court in revolutionary time. So become a part of the Pivot name and revolutionise your first aid kit today!

How It Works

Pivot’s world-first instant ice strapping tape combines the support of Kinesiology Tape with the Cooling of an Ice-Pack. When water is applied to the surface of the tape it goes ice-cold. This provides instant relief you need whilst the tape provides the support for long term treatment. Kinesiology tape lifts the skin allowing more fluid movement to the injured area whilst the low temperature numbs the nerves in the area.